Title 10 Part 1045 → Subpart D → §1045.145

Title 10 → Chapter X → Part 1045 → Subpart D → §1045.145

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Title 10 Part 1045 → Subpart D → §1045.145

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Title 10Chapter XPart 1045Subpart D → §1045.145

Title 10: Energy
Subpart D—Classifying and Declassifying Matter Containing RD, FRD, or TFNI

§1045.145   Who must review output from a classified IT system that is marked as RD, FRD, or TFNI?

If the output is a final product that has been reviewed by a person with appropriate authority, and is properly marked, or is a working paper that is properly marked, no additional review is required. Otherwise, the output must be reviewed in accordance with §1045.30.