Title 10

SECTION 1040.82

1040.82 Application.

§ 1040.82 Application.

(a) These regulations apply to each program or activity which receives Federal financial assistance provided by DOE.

(b) These regulations do not apply to -

(1) An age distinction contained in that part of a Federal, State, or local statute or ordinance adopted by an elected, general purpose legislative body which:

(i) Provides any benefits or assistance to persons based on age; or

(ii) Establishes criteria for participation in age-related terms; or

(iii) Describes intended beneficiaries or target groups in age-related terms.

(2) Any employment practice of any employer, employment agency, labor organization, or any labor-management joint apprenticeship training program.

[50 FR 8089, Feb. 27, 1985, as amended at 68 FR 51348, Aug. 26, 2003]