Title 10 Part 1016 → §1016.8

Title 10 → Chapter X → Part 1016 → §1016.8

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Title 10 Part 1016 → §1016.8

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Title 10Chapter XPart 1016 → §1016.8

Title 10: Energy

§1016.8   Request for security facility approval.

(a) An access permittee who has a need to use, process, store, reproduce, transmit, or handle Restricted Data at any location in connection with its permit shall promptly request a DOE security facility approval.

(b) The request shall include the following information: The name and address of the permittee; the extent and scope of the classified activity and the highest classification of Restricted Data to be received; a written statement in the form of a security plan which outlines the permittee's proposed security procedures and controls for the protection of Restricted Data, including a floor plan of the areas(s) in which the classified matter is to be used, processed, stored, reproduced, transmitted, and handled.

(c) The DOE will promptly inform the permittee of the acceptability of the request for further processing and will notify the permittee of its decision in writing.