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Title 8 Part 339

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Title 8: Aliens and Nationality


§339.1   Administration of oath of allegiance to applicants for naturalization.

It shall be the duty of a judge of a court that administers an oath of allegiance to ensure that such oath is administered to each applicant for naturalization who has chosen to appear before the court. The clerk of court shall issue to each person to whom such oath is administered the Certificate of Naturalization provided by USCIS in accordance with 8 CFR 338.1. The clerk of court shall provide to each person whose name was changed as part of the naturalization proceedings, pursuant to section 336(e) of the Act, certified evidence of such name change.

[58 FR 49916, Sept. 24, 1993, as amended at 76 FR 53804, Aug. 29, 2011]

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§339.2   Monthly reports.

(a) Oath administration ceremonies. Clerks of court will on the first day of each month or immediately following each oath ceremony submit to USCIS a report listing all oath administration ceremonies held and the total number of persons issued the oath at each ceremony, in accordance with USCIS instructions. The report will include a list of persons attending naturalization oath ceremonies during the month, and certified copies of any court orders granting changes of name.

(b) Petitions filed for de novo hearings. The clerk of court must submit to USCIS a monthly report of all persons who have filed de novo review petitions before the court. The report shall include each petitioner's name, alien registration number, date of filing of the petition for a de novo review, and, once an order has been entered, the disposition.

(c) Other proceedings and orders. The clerk of court must forward to USCIS copies of the records of such other proceedings and other orders instituted on or issued by the court affecting or relating to the naturalization of any person as may be required from time to time.

(d) Use of reports for accounting purposes. State and federal courts may use the reports as a monthly billing document, submitted to USCIS for reimbursement in accordance with section 344(f)(1) of the Act. USCIS will use the information submitted to calculate costs incurred by courts in performing their naturalization functions. State and federal courts will be reimbursed pursuant to terms set forth in annual agreements entered into between DHS and the Administrative Office of United States Courts.

[76 FR 53804, Aug. 29, 2011]

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§339.3   Relinquishment of naturalization jurisdiction.

Whenever a court relinquishes naturalization jurisdiction, the clerk of court shall, within ten days following the date of relinquishment, furnish the district director having administrative jurisdiction over the place in which the court is located, a certified copy of the order of court relinquishing jurisdiction. A representative of the Service shall thereafter examine the naturalization records in the office of the clerk of court and shall bind and lock them. The clerk of court shall return all unused forms and blank certificates of naturalization to the district director with his monthly report on Form N-4.

[22 FR 9825, Dec. 6, 1957]

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§339.4   Binding of naturalization records.

Whenever a volume of petitions for naturalization, applications to take the oath of allegiance, declarations of intention, orders of court, or other documents affecting or relating to the naturalization of persons is completed, it shall be bound and locked by the clerk of court.

[22 FR 9825, Dec. 6, 1957]

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§339.5   Recordkeeping.

The maintenance of records and submission of reports under this chapter may be accomplished by either electronic or paper means.

[56 FR 50502, Oct. 7, 1991]

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