Title 7 Part 1000 → Subpart C → §1000.25

Title 7 → Subtitle B → Chapter X → Part 1000 → Subpart C → §1000.25

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Title 7 Part 1000 → Subpart C → §1000.25

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Title 7Subtitle BChapter XPart 1000Subpart C → §1000.25

Title 7: Agriculture
Subpart C—Rules of Practice and Procedure Governing Market Administrators

§1000.25   Market administrator.

(a) Designation. The agency for the administration of the order shall be a market administrator selected by the Secretary and subject to removal at the Secretary's discretion. The market administrator shall be entitled to compensation determined by the Secretary.

(b) Powers. The market administrator shall have the following powers with respect to each order under his/her administration:

(1) Administer the order in accordance with its terms and provisions;

(2) Maintain and invest funds outside of the United States Department of the Treasury for the purpose of administering the order;

(3) Make rules and regulations to effectuate the terms and provisions of the order;

(4) Receive, investigate, and report complaints of violations to the Secretary; and

(5) Recommend amendments to the Secretary.

(c) Duties. The market administrator shall perform all the duties necessary to administer the terms and provisions of each order under his/her administration, including, but not limited to, the following:

(1) Employ and fix the compensation of persons necessary to enable him/her to exercise the powers and perform the duties of the office;

(2) Pay out of funds provided by the administrative assessment, except expenses associated with functions for which the order provides a separate charge, all expenses necessarily incurred in the maintenance and functioning of the office and in the performance of the duties of the office, including the market administrator's compensation;

(3) Keep records which will clearly reflect the transactions provided for in the order and upon request by the Secretary, surrender the records to a successor or such other person as the Secretary may designate;

(4) Furnish information and reports requested by the Secretary and submit office records for examination by the Secretary;

(5) Announce publicly at his/her discretion, unless otherwise directed by the Secretary, by such means as he/she deems appropriate, the name of any handler who, after the date upon which the handler is required to perform such act, has not:

(i) Made reports required by the order;

(ii) Made payments required by the order; or

(iii) Made available records and facilities as required pursuant to §1000.27;

(6) Prescribe reports required of each handler under the order. Verify such reports and the payments required by the order by examining records (including such papers as copies of income tax reports, fiscal and product accounts, correspondence, contracts, documents or memoranda of the handler, and the records of any other persons that are relevant to the handler's obligation under the order), by examining such handler's milk handling facilities, and by such other investigation as the market administrator deems necessary for the purpose of ascertaining the correctness of any report or any obligation under the order. Reclassify skim milk and butterfat received by any handler if such examination and investigation discloses that the original classification was incorrect;

(7) Furnish each regulated handler a written statement of such handler's accounts with the market administrator promptly each month. Furnish a corrected statement to such handler if verification discloses that the original statement was incorrect; and

(8) Prepare and disseminate publicly for the benefit of producers, handlers, and consumers such statistics and other information concerning operation of the order and facts relevant to the provisions thereof (or proposed provisions) as do not reveal confidential information.