Title 7

SECTION 923.32

923.32 Procedure.

§ 923.32 Procedure.

(a) Twelve members of the committee, including alternates acting for members, shall constitute a quorum; and any action of the committee shall require the concurring vote of at least nine members.

(b) The committee may provide for simultaneous meetings of groups of its members assembled at two or more designated places: Provided, That such meetings shall be subject to the establishment of communication between all such groups and the availability of loud speaker receivers for each group so that each member may participate in the discussions and other actions the same as if the committee were assembled in one place. Any such meeting shall be considered as an assembled meeting.

(c) The committee may vote by telegraph, telephone, or other means of communication, and any votes so cast shall be confirmed promptly in writing: Provided, That if an assembled meeting is held, all votes shall be cast in person.