Title 7

SECTION 900.39

900.39 Proposal submission requirements.

§ 900.39 Proposal submission requirements.

When a person other than the Secretary makes a proposal to amend a fruit, vegetable or nut marketing agreement or order under § 900.3 of this part, the proposal shall address the following, to the extent applicable:

(a) The purpose of the proposal;

(b) The problem the proposal is designed to address with explanation and quantification;

(c) The current requirements or industry practices relative to the proposal;

(d) The expected impact on the industry, including producers, handlers, and on consumers;

(e) In the case of marketing orders, an explanation, including supporting information and data, of how the proposal would tend to improve returns to producers, and in the case of marketing agreements, how the proposal impacts the signatories to the agreement;

(f) The expected effects on small businesses as defined by the Regulatory Flexibility Act (5 U.S.C. 601-612);

(g) A description and quantification of whether the proposal would increase or decrease costs to producers, handlers, or others in the marketing chain, and to consumers, marketing order committees and boards and/or the Secretary;

(h) A description of how the proposal would be implemented; and

(i) A description, including quantification, of how compliance with the proposal would be effected.