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Title 7 Part 1468 → Subpart A → §1468.5

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Title 7Subtitle BChapter XIVSubchapter BPart 1468Subpart A → §1468.5

Title 7: Agriculture
Subpart A—General Provisions

§1468.5   Scheme or device.

(a) In addition to other penalties, sanctions, or remedies that may apply, if it is determined by NRCS that anyone has employed a scheme or device to defeat the purposes of this part, any part of any program payment otherwise due or paid during the applicable period may be withheld or be required to be refunded with interest, thereon, as determined appropriate by NRCS.

(b) A scheme or device includes, but is not limited to, coercion, fraud, misrepresentation, depriving anyone of a program benefit, or for the purpose of obtaining a payment to which they would otherwise not be entitled.