Title 7 Part 1221 → Subpart A → §1221.125

Title 7 → Subtitle B → Chapter XI → Part 1221 → Subpart A → §1221.125

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Title 7 Part 1221 → Subpart A → §1221.125

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Title 7Subtitle BChapter XIPart 1221Subpart A → §1221.125

Title 7: Agriculture
Subpart A—Sorghum Promotion, Research, and Information Order

§1221.125   Books and records.

(a) Each first handler, producer, or importer subject to this subpart shall maintain and make available during normal business hours for inspection By employees or agents of the Board or the Secretary such books and records as are necessary to carry out the provisions of this part, including records necessary to verify any required reports. Such records shall be maintained for at least 2 years beyond the fiscal period of their applicability.

(b) Each first handler responsible for collecting assessments pursuant to this subpart is required to give the producer from whom the assessment was collected, written evidence of payment of the assessment paid pursuant to this subpart. Such written evidence serving as a receipt shall include, but not be limited to, the following information:

(1) Name and address of the first handler,

(2) Name of producer who paid the assessment,

(3) Total number of bushels or tons of sorghum on which the assessment was paid,

(4) Total assessment paid by the producer,

(5) Date on which assessments were paid, and

(6) Such other information as the Board, with the approval of the Secretary, may require.