Title 7

SECTION 1220.310

1220.310 Assessments.

§ 1220.310 Assessments.

(a) A 0.5 percent of the net market price per bushel assessment on soybeans marketed shall be paid by the producer of the soybeans in the manner designated in § 1220.311.

(b) If more than one producer shares the proceeds received for the soybeans marketed, each such producer is obligated to pay that portion of the assessments which is equivalent to each producer's proportionate share of the proceeds.

(c) Failure of the first purchaser to collect the assessment on each bushel of soybeans marketed as designated in § 1220.311 shall not relieve the producer of the producer's obligation to pay the assessment to the appropriate Qualified State Soybean Board or the United Soybean Board as required in § 1220.312.