Title 7

SECTION 1215.41

1215.41 Contracts.

§ 1215.41 Contracts.

The Board shall not contract with any processor for the purpose of promotion or research. The Board may lease physical facilities from a processor for such promotion or research, if such an arrangement is determined to be cost effective by the Board and approved by the Secretary. Any contract or agreement shall provide that:

(a) The contractor or agreeing party shall develop and submit to the Board a program, plan or project together with a budget or budgets that shall show the estimated cost to be incurred for such program, plan, or project;

(b) Any such program, plan, or project shall become effective upon approval by the Secretary;

(c) The contracting or agreeing party shall keep accurate records of all of its transactions and make periodic reports to the Board of activities conducted, submit accountings for funds received and expended, and make such other reports as the Secretary or the Board may require; and the Secretary may audit the records of the contracting or agreeing party periodically; and

(d) Any subcontractor who enters into a contract with a Board contractor and who receives or otherwise uses funds allocated by the Board shall be subject to the same provisions as the contractor.