Title 7

SECTION 1215.27

1215.27 Procedure.

§ 1215.27 Procedure.

(a) At a properly convened meeting of the Board, a majority of the members shall constitute a quorum.

(b) Each member of the Board will be entitled to one vote on any matter put to the Board, and the motion will carry if supported by a simple majority of those voting. At assembled meetings of the Board, all votes will be cast in person.

(c) In lieu of voting at a properly convened meeting and, when in the opinion of the chairperson of the Board such action is considered necessary, the Board may take action upon the concurring votes by a majority of its members by mail, telephone, facsimile, or any other means of communication. If appropriate, any such action shall be confirmed promptly in writing. In that event, all members must be given prior notice and provided the opportunity to vote. Any action so taken shall have the same force and effect as though such action had been taken at a properly convened meeting of the Board. All votes shall be recorded in Board minutes.

(d) Meetings of the Board may be conducted by electronic communications, provided that each member is given prior notice of the meeting and has the opportunity to be present either physically or by electronic connection.

(e) The organization of the Board and the procedures for conducting meetings of the Board shall be in accordance with its bylaws, which shall be established by the Board and approved by the Secretary.