Title 7

SECTION 1215.25

1215.25 Vacancies.

§ 1215.25 Vacancies.

(a) To fill any vacancy occasioned by the death, removal, resignation, or disqualification of any member of the Board, the Secretary may appoint a successor from the most recent nominations submitted for positions on the Board or the Secretary may obtain nominees to fill such vacancy in such a manner as the Secretary deems appropriate.

(b) Each such successor appointment shall be for the remainder of the term vacated.

(c) A vacancy will not be required to be filled if the unexpired term is less than six months.

(d) If an unexpired term is less than 1.5 years, serving the term shall not prevent the appointee from serving two successive three-year terms.

(e) A Board member shall be disqualified from serving on the Board if such individual ceases to be affiliated with the processor the member represents.