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Title 7 Part 800

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TITLE 7—Agriculture


CHAPTER VIII—Agricultural Marketing Service (Federal Grain Inspection Service, Fair Trade Practices Program), Department of Agriculture





Meaning of terms.


Nondiscrimination—policy and provisions.
Procedures for establishing regulations, official standards, and official criteria.
Complaints and reports of alleged violations.
Provisions for hearings.
Information about the Service, Act, and regulations.
Public information.

Official Inspection and Class X or Class Y Weighing Requirements

Certification requirements for export grain.
Special inspection and weighing requirements for sacked export grain.
Waivers of the official inspection and Class X weighing requirements.

Recordkeeping and Access to Facilities

Required elevator and merchandising records.
Access to records and facilities.


Foreign commerce grain business.
Who must register.
When to register.
How to register.
Registration fee.
Review of applications.
Certificates of registration.
Notice of change in information.
Termination and renewal of registration.
Suspension or revocation of registration for cause.

Conditions For Obtaining Or Withholding Official Services

Availability of official services.
Requirements for obtaining official services.
Withdrawal of request for official services.
Dismissal of request for official services.
Conditional withholding of official services.
Refusal of official services and civil penalties.
Expenses of agency, field office, or Board of Appeals and Review.
Official services not to be denied.


Descriptions by grade.
Requirements on descriptions.

Grain Handling Practices

Deceptive actions and practices.
Prohibited grain handling practices.


Fees for official services performed by agencies.
Fees assessed by the Service.
Explanation of additional service fees for services performed in the United States only.
Computation and payment of service fees; general fee information.

Kinds of Official Services

Kinds of official inspection and weighing services.
Prohibited services; restricted services.

Inspection Methods and Procedures

Methods and order of performing official inspection services.
Sample requirements; general.
Sampling provisions by level of service.
Sampling provisions by kind of movement.
Inspection of grain in land carriers, containers, and barges in single lots.
Inspection of grain in combined lots.
Inspection of shiplot, unit train, and lash barge grain in single lots.
New inspections.
Loss of identity.

Weighing Provisions and Procedures

Methods and order of performing weighing services.
Weighing procedures.
Weighing grain in containers, land carriers, barges, and shiplots.
Weighing grain in combined lots.
Checkweighing sacked grain.

Original Services

Who may request original services.
How to request original services.
Who shall perform original services.

Official Reinspection Services and Review of Weighing Services

Who may request reinspection services or review of weighing services.
How to request reinspection or review of weighing services.
Who shall perform reinspection or review of weighing services.
Conflicts of interest..
Certificating reinspection and review of weighing results.

Appeal Inspection Services

Who may request appeal inspection services.
How to request appeal inspection services.
Who shall perform appeal inspection services.
Conflict of interest.
Certificating appeal inspections.

Official Records and Forms (General)

Maintenance and retention of records—general requirements.
Maintenance and retention of records issued by the Service under the Act.
Maintenance and retention of records on delegations, designations, contracts, and approval of scale testing organizations.
Maintenance and retention of records on organization, staffing, and budget.
Maintenance and retention of records on licenses and approvals.
Maintenance and retention of records on fee schedules.
Maintenance and retention of records on space and equipment.
Maintenance and retention of file samples.
Maintenance and retention of records on official inspection, Class X or Class Y weighing, and equipment testing service.
Availability of official records.
Detailed work records—general requirements.
Official inspection records.
Official weighing records.
Equipment testing work records.
Related official records.

Official Certificates

Official certificates; issuance and distribution.
Official certificate requirements.
Certification of grade; special requirements.
Divided-lot certificates.
Duplicate certificates.
Corrected certificates.
Reproducing certificates.

Licenses and Authorizations (For Individuals Only)

When a license or authorization or approval is required.
Who may be licensed or authorized.
Applications for licenses.
Examinations and reexaminations.
Issuance and possession of licenses and authorizations.
Termination of licenses.
Voluntary cancellation or suspension of licenses.
Automatic suspension of license by change in employment.
Summary revocation of licenses.
Refusal of renewal, suspension, or revocation of licenses for cause.
Summary cancellation of licenses.

Duties and Conduct of Licensed and Authorized Personnel

Duties of official personnel and warehouse samplers.
Standards of conduct.
Conflicts of interest
Crop year, variety, and origin statements.
Corrective actions for violations.

Delegations, Designations, Approvals, Contracts, and Conflicts of Interest

Approval as a scale testing and certification organization.
Conflict-of-interest provisions.

Supervision, Monitoring, and Equipment Testing

Activities that shall be supervised.
Activities that shall be monitored.
Equipment that shall be tested.
Review of rejection or disapproval of equipment.
Conditional approval on use of equipment.