Title 5 Part 553 → Subpart B → §553.202

Title 5 → Chapter I → Subchapter B → Part 553 → Subpart B → §553.202

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Title 5 Part 553 → Subpart B → §553.202

§553.202   Request for delegation of authority to approve reemployment without reduction or termination of annuity in emergencies or other unusual circumstances.

(a) Request by agency head. The head of an agency may request OPM to delegate to the agency authority to approve individual exceptions on a case-by-case basis in specific circumstances. Authority to submit such a request may not be redelegated to an official below the agency's headquarters level (or, in the case of the Department of Defense, to an official below the headquarters level of the military department or Defense agency).

(b) Content of request. The request for delegation must include:

(1) Description of the situations for which authority is requested. The situation must result from emergencies posing immediate and direct threat to life or property or from other unusual circumstances.

(2) Identification of the occupations, grades, and locations of positions that might be filled under the delegated authority.

(3) Statement of the expected duration of the reemployment to be approved under the requested authority.

(c) Delegation agreement. OPM will set out the conditions for use of each authority that it delegates under the provisions of this section in a delegation agreement. The agreement will remain in effect without time limit unless OPM specifies a termination date in the agreement, or unless OPM withdraws the delegated authority upon finding that the circumstances justifying the delegation have changed substantially or that the agency has failed to manage the authority in accordance with the law, the regulations, and the agreement itself.

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