Title 5 Part 536 → Subpart D → §536.402

Title 5 → Chapter I → Subchapter B → Part 536 → Subpart D → §536.402

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Title 5 Part 536 → Subpart D → §536.402

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Title 5Chapter ISubchapter BPart 536Subpart D → §536.402

Title 5: Administrative Personnel
Subpart D—Appeals and Miscellaneous Provisions

§536.402   Appeal of termination of benefits because of reasonable offer.

(a) Except as provided for in paragraph (e) of this section, an employee whose grade or pay retention benefits are terminated on the grounds the employee declined a reasonable offer of a position the grade or pay of which is equal to or greater than his or her retained grade or pay may appeal the termination to the Office of Personnel Management.

(b) An employee who appeals under this section shall file the appeal in writing with the Office of Personnel Management not later than 20 calendar days after being notified that his or her grade of pay retention benefits have been terminated, and shall state in the appeal the reasons why the employee believes the offer of a position was not a reasonable offer.

(c) The Office of Personnel Management may conduct any investigation or hearing it determines necessary to ascertain the facts of the case.

(d) If a decision by the Office of Personnel Management on an appeal under this section requires corrective action by an agency, including the retroactive or prospective restoration of grade or pay retention benefits, the agency shall take that corrective action.

(e) Termination of benefits based on a declination of a reasonable offer by an employee in an exclusively recognized bargaining unit may be reviewed under the negotiated grievance and arbitration procedures in accordance with chapter 71 of title 5, United States Code, and the terms of any applicable collective bargaining agreement. An employee in an exclusively recognized bargaining unit may not appeal a termination of benefits to the Office of Personnel Management if the grievance procedure of the agreement by which he or she is covered provides for this review.

(f) Decisions issued by the Office of Personnel Management shall be considered final decisions. OPM may, at its discretion, reconsider an original appellate decision when new and material information is presented, in writing, by the employee or the agency, which establishes a reasonable doubt as to the appropriateness of the original decision. The request must show that the information was not readily available when the decision was issued. A request for reconsideration of an original appeal decision must be submitted to OPM within 30 calendar days of the date of the original decision.

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