Title 5

SECTION 300.405

300.405 Requirement for contract.

§ 300.405 Requirement for contract.

(a) A written contract awarded in accordance with procedures stipulated in the Federal Acquisition Regulations is required between the Federal agency and a commercial recruiting firm or nonprofit employment service. The contract will satisfy the “written request” required by 18 U.S.C. 211. That statute prohibits the acceptance of payment for aiding an individual to obtain Federal employment except when an employment agency renders services pursuant to the written request of an executive department or agency.

(b) The contract must include the qualifications requirements for the position(s) to be filled and also provide that the firm or service will:

(1) Screen candidates only against the basic qualifications requirements for the position(s) specified by the Federal agency in the contract and refer to the agency all candidates who appear to meet those requirements;

(2) Refer to the Federal agency only those applicants from whom the firm or service has not accepted fees other than those permitted under § 300.404(b) of this part;

(3) Not imply that it is the sole or primary avenue for employment with the Federal Government or a specific Federal agency; and

(4) Recruit and refer candidates in accordance with applicable merit principles and equal opportunity laws.