Title 5

SECTION 294.104

294.104 Clarifying a requester's category.

§ 294.104 Clarifying a requester's category.

(a) Seeking clarification of a requester's category. OPM may seek additional clarification before assigning a person to a specific category if -

(1) There is reasonable cause to doubt the requester's intended use of records; or

(2) The intended use is not clear from the request itself; or

(3) There is any other reasonable doubt about qualifications that may affect the fees applicable or the services rendered under § 294.109.

(b) Prompt notification to requester. When OPM seeks clarification as provided by paragraph (a) of this section, it will provide prompt notification either by telephone or in writing of the information or materials needed.

(c) Effect of seeking clarification on time limits for responding. When applying the time limits in section 552 of title 5, United States Code, OPM will not officially consider any request for records as being received until the official who is assigned responsibility for making a decision on releasing the records has received any additional clarification sought under paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section; and has determined that the clarifying information is sufficient to correctly place the requester in one of the categories prescribed in this section. If the requested clarifying information is not received within a reasonable time, OPM will, based on the information available, determine a final category for the request and calculate applicable fees.

[54 FR 25094, June 13, 1989, as amended at 58 FR 32043, June 8, 1993]