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Title 1 → Chapter III → Part 301 → §301.5

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Title 1 Part 301 → §301.5

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Title 1Chapter IIIPart 301 → §301.5

Title 1: General Provisions

§301.5   Office of the Chairman.

The Chairman is the chief executive of the Conference. The Chairman presides at meetings of the Council and at each plenary session of the Conference. Among his powers is the authority to encourage Federal agencies to adopt the recommendations of the Conference. The Chairman is also authorized to make inquiries into matters he considers important for Conference consideration, including matters proposed by individuals inside or outside the Federal Government. The purpose of such inquiries is not to review the results in particular cases, but rather to determine whether the problems should be made the subject of Conference study in the interests of developing fair and effective procedures for such cases. Upon request of the head of an agency, the Chairman is authorized to furnish assistance and advice on matters of administrative procedure. The Chairman may request agency heads to provide information needed by the Conference, which information shall be supplied to the extent permitted by law.