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Title 1 → Chapter III → Part 301 → §301.2

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Title 1 Part 301 → §301.2

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Title 1Chapter IIIPart 301 → §301.2

Title 1: General Provisions

§301.2   Purposes.

The purposes of the Administrative Conference are—

(a) To provide suitable arrangements through which Federal agencies, assisted by outside experts, may cooperatively study mutual problems, exchange information, and develop recommendations for action by proper authorities to the end that private rights may be fully protected and regulatory activities and other Federal responsibilities may be carried out expeditiously in the public interest;

(b) To promote more effective public participation and efficiency in the rulemaking process;

(c) To reduce unnecessary litigation in the regulatory process;

(d) To improve the use of science in the regulatory process; and

(e) To improve the effectiveness of laws applicable to the regulatory process.