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Title 50 → Chapter I → Subchapter F → Part 82 → Subpart A → §82.3

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Title 50 Part 82 → Subpart A → §82.3

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Title 50Chapter ISubchapter FPart 82Subpart A → §82.3

Title 50: Wildlife and Fisheries
Subpart A—Introduction

§82.3   Supplementary information and procedures.

The regulations in this part are intended to provide for the maximum flexiblity and simplicity in the application and award of grants or other financial assistance and the minimum amount of Federal control in the conduct of the research and supervision of Federal funds, consistent with the anticipated level of appropriated funds and demand for such funds. With respect to grants to state or local governments these regulations are intended to implement and be read as consistent with Federal Management Circular 74-7, “Uniform Administrative Requirements for Grants-in-Aid to State and Local Governments,” (FMC 74-7) 34 CFR part 256, 39 FR 35787-35796, October 4, 1974, unless specifically noted otherwise. The standards and procedures set forth therein, and other referenced Federal management circulars, will, to the extent practical, govern other forms of financial assistance to state and local governments, public and private institutions and persons as well as grants to such institutions and persons. Other Federal regulations and sources of guidance potential applicants may find worthwhile to consult for information which may be helpful in applying and implementing research grants or other financial assistance under these regulations include: 34 CFR part 211, Cost Sharing on Federal Research (FMC 73-3); 34 CFR part 251, Audit of Federal Operations and Programs by Executive Branch Agencies, superseding OMB Circular No. A-73, dated August 4, 1965; 34 CFR part 252, Coordinating Indirect Cost Rates and Audit at Educational Institutions, (FMC 73-6); 34 CFR part 253, Administration of College and University Grants (FMC 73-7); 34 CFR part 254, Cost Principles for Educational Institutions (FMC 73-8); FMC 74-4, Cost Principles under Grants to State and Local Governments.

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