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Title 49: Transportation

Subpart C—Requirements for Energy Assessments

§622.301   Buildings.

Authority: Sec. 403(b), Pub. L. 95-620; E.O. 12185.

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§622.301   Buildings.

(a) FTA assistance for the construction, reconstruction, or modification of buildings for which applications are submitted to FTA after October 1, 1980, will be approved only after the completion of an energy assessment. An energy assessment shall consist of an analysis of the total energy requirements of a building, within the scope of the proposed construction activity and at a level of detail appropriate to that scope, which considers:

(1) Overall design of the facility or modification, and alternative designs;

(2) Materials and techniques used in construction or rehabilitation;

(3) Special or innovative conservation features that may be used;

(4) Fuel requirements for heating, cooling, and operations essential to the function of the structure, projected over the life of the facility and including projected costs of this fuel; and

(5) Kind of energy to be used, including:

(i) Consideration of opportunities for using fuels other than petroleum and natural gas, and

(ii) Consideration of using alternative, renewable energy sources.

(b) Compliance with the requirements of paragraph (a) of this section shall be documented as part of the Environmental Assessment or Environmental Impact Statement for projects which are subject to a requirement for one. Projects for which there is no environmental assessment or EIS shall document compliance by submission of appropriate material with the application for FTA assistance for actual construction.

(c) The cost of undertaking and documenting an energy assessment may be eligible for FTA participation if the requirements of Federal Management Circular 74-4 (A-87) are met.

(d) This requirement shall not apply to projects for which the final project application or environmental assessment have been submitted to FTA prior to October 1, 1980.

[45 FR 58038, Aug. 29, 1980]

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