Title 49 Part 207 → §207.5

Title 49 → Subtitle B → Chapter II → Part 207 → §207.5

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Title 49 Part 207 → §207.5

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Title 49Subtitle BChapter IIPart 207 → §207.5

Title 49: Transportation

§207.5   Authority in States where officer not commissioned.

(a) A railroad police officer who is designated by a railroad and commissioned under the laws of any state is authorized to enforce the laws (as specified in paragraph (b) of this section) of any state in which the railroad owns property and to which the railroad has provided notice in accordance with §207.4.

(b) Under the authority of paragraph (a) of this section, a railroad police officer may enforce only relevant laws for the protection of—

(1) The railroad's employees, passengers, or patrons;

(2) The railroad's property or property entrusted to the railroad for transportation purposes;

(3) The intrastate, interstate, or foreign movement of cargo in the railroad's possession or in possession of another railroad or non-rail carrier while on the railroad property; and

(4) The railroad movement of personnel, equipment, and materials vital to the national defense.

(c) The authority exercised under this part by an officer for whom the railroad has provided notice in accordance with §207.4 shall be the same as that of a railroad police officer commissioned under the laws of that state.

(d) The railroad police officer's law enforcement powers shall apply only on railroad property, except that an officer may pursue off railroad property a person suspected of violating the law on railroad property, and an officer may engage off railroad property in law enforcement activities, including, without limitation, investigation and arrest, if permissible under state law.