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Title 48 → Chapter 6 → Subchapter G → Part 651 → Subpart 651.70

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Title 48 Part 651 → Subpart 651.70

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Title 48Chapter 6Subchapter GPart 651 → Subpart 651.70

Title 48: Federal Acquisition Regulations System

Subpart 651.70—Contractor Use of Travel Advances, Official Travel Orders, and Government Travel Requisitions

651.7001   Policy.

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651.7001   Policy.

(a) It is the Department's policy that contractors shall not:

(1) Receive travel advances from the Department for contract-related travel;

(2) Travel under official travel orders; or,

(3) Receive Government Travel Requisitions (GTRs) for transportation.

(b) All contract-related travel shall be performed on the contractor's account with reimbursement provided after submission of a proper voucher.

(c) This policy does not apply to personal services contractor; provided, that such contractors are paid through the Department's payroll system and they are subject to the standard payroll deductions of Federal Withholding Tax and FICA.

[59 FR 66767, Dec. 28, 1994, as amended at 69 FR 19338, Apr. 13, 2004. Redesignated at 81 FR 24707, Apr. 27, 2016]

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