Title 48 Part 5416 → Subpart 5416.2 → §5416.203-4

Title 48 → Chapter 54 → Part 5416 → Subpart 5416.2 → §5416.203-4

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Title 48 Part 5416 → Subpart 5416.2 → §5416.203-4

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Title 48Chapter 54Part 5416Subpart 5416.2 → §5416.203-4

Title 48: Federal Acquisition Regulations System
Subpart 5416.2—Fixed Price Contracts

5416.203-4   Contract clauses.

(S-90) When the contracting officer determines that an existing EPA clause is not appropriate, the contracting officer may develop and use another EPA clause in accordance with 5416.203-1 (a)(S-90) or (c)(S-90). Established prices and cost indexes need not reflect changes in the costs or established prices of a specific contractor. The established price or cost index may be derived from sales prices in the marketplace, quotes, or assessments as reported or made available in a consistent manner in a publication, electronic database, or other form, by an independent trade association, Governmental body, or other third party independent of the contractor. More than one established price or cost index may be combined in a formula for economic price adjustment purposes in the absence of an appropriate single price or cost index.