Title 48 Part 2448 → §2448.103

Title 48 → Chapter 24 → Subchapter G → Part 2448 → §2448.103

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Title 48 Part 2448 → §2448.103

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Title 48Chapter 24Subchapter GPart 2448 → §2448.103

Title 48: Federal Acquisition Regulations System

2448.103   Processing value engineering change proposals.

Upon receipt of a Value Engineering Change Proposal (VECP), the Contracting Officer shall promptly forward it to the program office responsible for the contract, indicating:

(a) The date the VECP was received;

(b) The date by which the contractor must be informed of the government's acceptance or rejection of the VECP, unless additional time is required for evaluation;

(c) The date by which the Contracting Officer must know of the technical officer's decision in order to timely accept or reject the VECP;

(d) The need for information required to inform the contractor if the VECP is to be rejected or if additional time is needed to evaluate the VECP;

(e) The potential for awarding concurrent, future, or collateral savings to the contractor, if the VECP is accepted;

(f) That if the VECP is accepted, precise information will be needed with regard to the type of savings, and government costs, that can be expected from its acceptance;

(g) The need for a procurement request setting forth the specification changes to be used in a contract modification accepting the VECP in whole or in part; and

(h) The need for additional funds, if acceptance of the VECP will result in an increase in the cost of contract performance.