Title 48 Part 1804 → Subpart 1804.4 → §1804.470-4

Title 48 → Chapter 18 → Subchapter A → Part 1804 → Subpart 1804.4 → §1804.470-4

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Title 48 Part 1804 → Subpart 1804.4 → §1804.470-4

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Title 48Chapter 18Subchapter APart 1804Subpart 1804.4 → §1804.470-4

Title 48: Federal Acquisition Regulations System
Subpart 1804.4—Safeguarding Classified Information Within Industry

1804.470-4   Contract clause.

(a) Insert the clause at 1852.204-76, Security Requirements for Unclassified Information Technology Resources, in all solicitations and awards when contract performance requires contractors to—

(1) Have physical or electronic access to NASA's computer systems, networks, or IT infrastructure; or

(2) Use information systems to generate, store, process, or exchange data with NASA or on behalf of NASA, regardless of whether the data resides on a NASA or a contractor's information system.

(b) Parts of the clause and referenced ADL may be waived by the contracting officer if the contractor's ongoing IT security program meets or exceeds the requirements of NASA Procedural Requirements (NPR) 2810.1 in effect at time of award. The current version of NPR 2810.1 is referenced in the ADL. The contractor shall submit a written waiver request to the Contracting Officer within 30 days of award. The waiver request will be reviewed by the Center IT Security Manager. If approved, the Contractor Officer will notify the contractor, by contract modification, which parts of the clause or provisions of the ADL are waived.

[76 FR 4080, Jan. 24, 2011]