Title 48 Part 1552 → Subpart 1552.2 → §1552.235-76

Title 48 → Chapter 15 → Subchapter H → Part 1552 → Subpart 1552.2 → §1552.235-76

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Title 48 Part 1552 → Subpart 1552.2 → §1552.235-76

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Title 48Chapter 15Subchapter HPart 1552Subpart 1552.2 → §1552.235-76

Title 48: Federal Acquisition Regulations System
Subpart 1552.2—Texts of Provisions and Clauses

1552.235-76   Treatment of Confidential Business Information (APR 1996).

As prescribed in 1535.007-70(c), insert the following clause:

Treatment of Confidential Business Information (TSCA)(APR 1996)

(a) The Project Officer (PO) or his/her designee, after a written determination by the appropriate program office, may disclose confidential business information (CBI) to the Contractor necessary to carry out the work required under this contract. The Contractor agrees to use the CBI only under the following conditions:

(1) The Contractor and Contractor's employees shall (i) use the CBI only for the purposes of carrying out the work required by the contract; (ii) not disclose the information to anyone other than properly cleared EPA employees without the prior written approval of the Assistant General Counsel for Information Law or his/her designee; and (iii) return the CBI to the PO or his/her designee, whenever the information is no longer required by the Contractor for performance of the work required by the contract, or upon completion of the contract.

(2) The Contractor shall obtain a written agreement to honor the above limitations from each of the Contractor's employees who will have access to the information before the employee is allowed access.

(3) The Contractor agrees that these contract conditions concerning the use and disclosure of CBI are included for the benefit of, and shall be enforceable by, both EPA and any affected businesses having a proprietary interest in the information.

(4) The Contractor shall not use any CBI supplied by EPA or obtained during performance hereunder to compete with any business to which the CBI relates.

(b) The Contractor agrees to obtain the written consent of the CO, after a written determination by the appropriate program office, prior to entering into any subcontract that will involve the disclosure of CBI by the Contractor to the subcontractor. The Contractor agrees to include this clause, including this paragraph (b), in all subcontracts awarded pursuant to this contract that require the furnishing of CBI to the subcontractor.

(End of clause)

[61 FR 14266, Apr. 1, 1996, as amended at 61 FR 57339, Nov. 6, 1996]