Title 48 Part 1552 → Subpart 1552.2 → §1552.228-70

Title 48 → Chapter 15 → Subchapter H → Part 1552 → Subpart 1552.2 → §1552.228-70

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Title 48 Part 1552 → Subpart 1552.2 → §1552.228-70

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Title 48Chapter 15Subchapter HPart 1552Subpart 1552.2 → §1552.228-70

Title 48: Federal Acquisition Regulations System
Subpart 1552.2—Texts of Provisions and Clauses

1552.228-70   Insurance liability to third persons.

As prescribed in 1528.301, insert the following clause:

Insurance—Liability to Third Persons (OCT 2000)

(a)(1) Except as provided in subparagraph (2) below, the Contractor shall provide and maintain workers' compensation, employer's liability, comprehensive general liability (bodily injury), and comprehensive automobile liability (bodily injury and property damage) insurance, and such other insurance as the Contracting officer may require under this contract.

(2) The Contractor may, with the approval of the Contracting officer, maintain a self-insurance program; provided that, with respect to workers' compensation, the Contractor is qualified pursuant to statutory authority.

(3) All insurance required by this paragraph shall be in a form and amount and for those periods as the Contracting officer may require or approve and with insurers approved by the Contracting officer.

(b) The Contractor agrees to submit for the Contracting officer's approval, to the extent and in the manner required by the Contracting officer, any other insurance that is maintained by the Contractor in connection with the performance of this contract and for which the Contractor seeks reimbursement.

(c) The Contractor shall be reimbursed for that portion of the reasonable cost of insurance allocable to this contract, and required or approved under this clause, in accordance with its established cost accounting practices.

(End of clause)

[65 FR 58928, Oct. 3, 2000, as amended at 78 FR 46291, July 31, 2013]