Title 48 Part 1517 → Subpart 1517.2 → §1517.207

Title 48 → Chapter 15 → Subchapter C → Part 1517 → Subpart 1517.2 → §1517.207

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Title 48 Part 1517 → Subpart 1517.2 → §1517.207

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Title 48Chapter 15Subchapter CPart 1517Subpart 1517.2 → §1517.207

Title 48: Federal Acquisition Regulations System
Subpart 1517.2—Options

1517.207   Exercise of options.

(a) Unless otherwise approved by the Chief of the Contracting Office, contracts for services employing option periods shall require that a preliminary written notice of the Government's intention to exercise the option be furnished to the Contractor a minimum of sixty (60) calendar days prior to the date for the exercise of the option. Failure to provide such preliminary notice within the timeframe established in the contract waives the Government's right to unilaterally exercise the option and requires the negotiation of a bilateral contract modification in order to extend the period of performance, where such an extension is authorized.

(b) When the term of the service contract coincides with the fiscal year and delays in receipt of authority to obligate funds for the new fiscal year are anticipated, the Contracting Officer, if the contract so provides (see FAR 17.204(d)), may, within 60 days after the end of the fiscal year, unilaterally exercise an option to extend the term of the contract. The option may be exercised only if funds become available within the 60-day period. In the event that sufficient funding is not available within the 60 day period, the Government waives the right to exercise the option, thereby rendering any additional requirements subject to full and open competition requirements.

(c) The Contracting Officer, if the contract so provides, may, subject to the conditions in FAR 17.204(d), 32.703-2, and 32.705-1(a), exercise an option contingent upon the availability of funds. To exercise such an option, the contract must contain the clause in FAR 52.232-18, Availability of Funds. Under no circumstances shall any action be taken which could be construed as creating a legal liability on the part of the Government until a formal notice of availability of funds in the form of a contract modification has been issued by the Contracting Officer.

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