Title 48 Part 842 → Subpart 842.7 → §842.705

Title 48 → Chapter 8 → Subchapter G → Part 842 → Subpart 842.7 → §842.705

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Title 48 Part 842 → Subpart 842.7 → §842.705

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Title 48Chapter 8Subchapter GPart 842Subpart 842.7 → §842.705

Title 48: Federal Acquisition Regulations System
Subpart 842.7—Indirect Cost Rates

842.705   Final indirect cost rates.

(a) Except when the quick-closeout procedures described in FAR 42.708 are used, contracting officers must request audits on proposed final indirect cost rates and billing rates for use in cost reimbursement, fixed-price incentive, and fixed-price redeterminable contracts as prescribed in FAR Subpart 42.7.

(b) When the quick closeout procedures are used, the contracting officers must perform a review and validation of the contractor's data for accuracy and reasonableness of the proposed rates for negotiating the settlement of indirect costs for a specific contract.