Title 48 Part 842 → Subpart 842.1 → §842.101

Title 48 → Chapter 8 → Subchapter G → Part 842 → Subpart 842.1 → §842.101

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Title 48 Part 842 → Subpart 842.1 → §842.101

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Title 48Chapter 8Subchapter GPart 842Subpart 842.1 → §842.101

Title 48: Federal Acquisition Regulations System
Subpart 842.1—Contract Audit Services

842.101   Contract audit responsibilities.

(a) Contracting officers may use the support services of other agencies to the extent feasible. Examples of such services include: pre-award surveys; quality assurance and technical inspection of contract items; and review of contractors' procurement systems. Contracting officers obtaining support services from any other Government department or agency must do so on the basis of an approved negotiated interagency support agreement.

(b) An interagency support agreement is a written instrument of understanding between the parties to the agreement. The agreement should clearly state the following:

(1) The accord reached between the two parties involved, especially the obligations assumed and the rights granted each party.

(2) The resources that both the supplying and receiving parties will provide.

(3) The funding and reimbursement arrangements.

(4) Clauses permitting revisions, modifications, or cancellation of the agreement.