Title 48 Part 1452 → Subpart 1452.2 → §1452.228-71

Title 48 → Chapter 14 → Subchapter G → Part 1452 → Subpart 1452.2 → §1452.228-71

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Title 48 Part 1452 → Subpart 1452.2 → §1452.228-71

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Title 48Chapter 14Subchapter GPart 1452Subpart 1452.2 → §1452.228-71

Title 48: Federal Acquisition Regulations System
Subpart 1452.2—Text of Provisions and Clauses

1452.228-71   Aircraft and General Public Liability Insurance.

As prescribed in 1428.306-70(c)(1), insert the following clause:

Aircraft and General Public Liability Insurance Department of the Interior (MAR 1989)

(a) The Contractor, at the Contractor's expense, agrees to maintain, during the continuance of this contract, aircraft liability and general public liability insurance with limits of liability for:

(1) Bodily injury to or death of aircraft passengers of not less than $75,000 for any one passenger and a limit for each occurrence in any one aircraft of at least an amount equal to the sum produced by multiplying $75,000 by 75 percent of the total number of passenger seats installed in the aircraft;

(2) Bodily injury to or death of persons (excluding passengers) of not less than $75,000 for any one person in any one occurrence and $300,000 for occurrence; and

(3) Property damage of not less than $100,000 for each occurrence; or

(4) a single limit of liability for each occurrence equal to or greater than the combined required minimums set forth in paragraphs (a)(1) through (3) of this clause.

(b) The Contractor also agrees to maintain worker's compensation and other legally required insurance with respect to the Contractor's own employees and agents.

(End of clause)