Title 48 Part 552 → Subpart 552.2 → §552.270-7

Title 48 → Chapter 5 → Subchapter H → Part 552 → Subpart 552.2 → §552.270-7

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Title 48 Part 552 → Subpart 552.2 → §552.270-7

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Title 48Chapter 5Subchapter HPart 552Subpart 552.2 → §552.270-7

Title 48: Federal Acquisition Regulations System
Subpart 552.2—Text of Provisions and Clauses

552.270-7   Fire and Casualty Damage.

As prescribed in 570.703, insert the following clause:

Fire and Casualty Damage (JUN 2011)

If the entire premises are destroyed by fire or other casualty, this lease will immediately terminate. In case of partial destruction or damage, so as to render the premises untenantable, as determined by the Government, the Government may terminate the lease by giving written notice to the Lessor within 15 calendar days after such determination; if so terminated, no rent will accrue to the Lessor after such partial destruction or damage; and if not so terminated, the rent will be reduced proportionately by supplemental agreement hereto effective from the date of such partial destruction or damage. Nothing in this lease shall be construed as relieving Lessor from liability for damage to or destruction of property of the United States of America caused by the willful or negligent act or omission of Lessor.

(End of clause)

[64 FR 37229, July 9, 1999, as amended at 76 FR 30846, May 27, 2011]