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Title 46 → Chapter II → Subchapter I-A → Part 338 → §sec. 19

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Title 46 Part 338 → §sec. 19

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Title 46Chapter IISubchapter I-APart 338 → §sec. 19

Title 46: Shipping

Sec. 19   Ship Repair Summaries.

(a) Ship Repair Summaries shall be prepared on Form MA-159 by the General Agents and local offices of the Authority covering all work performed under their respective jurisdiction and submitted to the District Ship Repair and Maintenance office involved. The summaries must be properly identified and contain the correct cost breakdown as set forth in this order. If the summary covers work other than repairs related to a voyage, the summary must so state, e.g., reactivation, lay-up, idle status, etc. The District Ship Repair and Maintenance office shall review the summaries and supports to ascertain that they have been properly prepared in all respects. The originals of all summaries unsupported shall be forwarded by the District offices to the Chief, Operating Cost Control Branch, Office of Ship Operations, National Shipping Authority, Washington, DC, and two copies each of all summaries one of which is to be supported by one copy each of job orders, supplemental job orders, invitation for bids, specifications, invoices, itemized prices, completion certificates, ABS invoices and reports, purchase orders, price warehouse delivery tickets, property removal notices, WORKSMALREP Contracts, a statement that bid, performance and payment bonds were received and approved, abstract of bids containing the list of contractors invited to bid and response of each, an explanation of the basis for an award when the contract is not awarded to lowest bidder, listing of scrap, salvageable material and equipment removed from a vessel, etc., shall be forwarded to the Chief, Division of Ship Repair and Maintenance, Washington, DC.

(1) Within 60 days after termination of the respective voyages for work awarded by General Agents.

(2) Within 30 days after completion of all work awarded by the Local Offices within a port area.

(b) In the event invoices for particular services are not available such as, American Bureau of Venders Inspectors fees, the summary is nevertheless to be prepared as outlined in this order and estimated costs for the missing billings set forth on the summary. Upon receipt of said invoices a supplementary summary shall promptly be prepared and distributed as outlined in this section.

(c) If no work is performed under a General Agent's jurisdiction for a particular voyage, the General Agent must submit for distribution as stated herein a repair summary stating across the face that no repairs, either foreign or domestic, were performed for the particular voyage involved.