Title 46 Part 332 → §sec. 5

Title 46 → Chapter II → Subchapter I-A → Part 332 → §sec. 5

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Title 46 Part 332 → §sec. 5

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Title 46Chapter IISubchapter I-APart 332 → §sec. 5

Title 46: Shipping

Sec. 5   Repatriation charges.

(a) If it is deemed necessary to repatriate a seaman as a passenger aboard a privately operated vessel, plane, train, or other conveyance, the full amount of the reasonably incurred expense in connection therewith shall be billed against the General Agent of the vessel of which he was last a crew member.

(b) If a seaman is repatriated as a passenger, or as a repatriate seaman (non-working), aboard a vessel operated for the account of the National Shipping Authority under a General Agency Agreement, a flat transportation charge of $5.00 per day shall be made for every day spent aboard the repatriating vessel, including day of embarkation and day of debarkation, which charge shall be in addition to necessary train or other conveyance expense, United States and foreign government taxes, port dues, landing fees or other charges of every nature levied in connection with such repatriation. In such a case, the General Agent of the vessel of which the repatriate was last a crew member shall be billed for the amount of expense involved, and appropriate entries covering the receipts and disbursements resulting from the repatriation shall be made in the proper books of account by the General Agent concerned. In the event the General Agent repatriating a seaman is also the General Agent of the vessel on which the seaman last served, it will not be necessary to issue a formal billing, but it is required that appropriate entries be made on the agency books of account to reflect a revenue of $5.00 per day in the account of the vessel rendering the transportation service and that a charge covering the cost of repatriation be recorded against the vessel on which the seaman last served. In all cases, the General Agent charged with the repatriation expense shall take necessary steps to secure reimbursement of such expense from the P & I underwriters insuring the vessel against which the expense is charged. No charge is to be made in the case of a seaman repatriate who signs on vessel articles as a workaway or in any other capacity except as a repatriate seaman (non-working). When repatriation is required, it shall be effected by the first available means considered appropriate by the official authorizing such repatriation.