Title 46 Part 113 → Subpart 113.50 → §113.50-20

Title 46 → Chapter I → Subchapter J → Part 113 → Subpart 113.50 → §113.50-20

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Title 46 Part 113 → Subpart 113.50 → §113.50-20

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Title 46Chapter ISubchapter JPart 113Subpart 113.50 → §113.50-20

Title 46: Shipping
Subpart 113.50—Public Address Systems

§113.50-20   Distribution of cable runs.

(a) Each system must have a feeder distribution panel to divide the system into the necessary number of zone feeders. Where, because of the arrangement of the vessel, only one zone feeder is necessary, a branch circuit distribution panel must be used.

(b) The feeder distribution panel must be in an enclosed space next to the public address system power supply.

(c) Each system must have at least one feeder for each vertical fire zone.

(d) Each system must have one or more branch circuit distribution panels for each zone feeder, with at least one branch circuit for each deck level. The distribution panel must be above the uppermost continuous deck, in the zone served, and there must be no disconnect switches for the branch circuits.

(e) A branch circuit must not supply speakers on more than one deck level, except for a single branch circuit supplying all levels of a single space if all other requirements of this section are met.

(f) On a vessel not divided into vertical fire zones by main vertical fire bulkheads, the vessel must be divided into vertical zones not more than 40 meters (131 feet) long. There must be a feeder for each of these zones.

(g) Feeders and branch circuit cables must be in passageways. They must not be in staterooms, lockers, galleys, or machinery spaces, unless it is necessary to supply public address speakers in those spaces.

[CGD 94-108, 61 FR 28291, June 4, 1996]

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