Title 46 Part 113 → Subpart 113.25 → §113.25-9

Title 46 → Chapter I → Subchapter J → Part 113 → Subpart 113.25 → §113.25-9

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Title 46 Part 113 → Subpart 113.25 → §113.25-9

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Title 46Chapter ISubchapter JPart 113Subpart 113.25 → §113.25-9

Title 46: Shipping
Subpart 113.25—General Emergency Alarm Systems

§113.25-9   Location of general emergency alarm signal.

General emergency alarm signal must:

(a) Be located in passenger and crew quarters areas where they can alert persons in spaces where those persons may be maintaining, repairing, or operating equipment, stowing or drawing stores or equipment, or transiting, such as public spaces, work spaces, machinery spaces, workshops, galleys, emergency firepump room, bow thruster rooms, storage areas for paint, rope, and other stores, underdeck passageways in cargo areas, steering gear rooms, windlass rooms, holds of roll-on/roll-off vessels, and, except those that are accessible only through bolted manhole covers, duct keels with valve operators; and

(b) Be audible in the spaces identified in paragraph (a) of this section with all normally closed doors and accesses closed; and

(c) Be installed in cabins without loudspeaker installation. Other audible devices, such as electronic alarm transducers, are permitted.

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