Title 46 Part 113 → Subpart 113.25 → §113.25-20

Title 46 → Chapter I → Subchapter J → Part 113 → Subpart 113.25 → §113.25-20

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Title 46 Part 113 → Subpart 113.25 → §113.25-20

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Title 46Chapter ISubchapter JPart 113Subpart 113.25 → §113.25-20

Title 46: Shipping
Subpart 113.25—General Emergency Alarm Systems

§113.25-20   Marking of equipment.

(a) Each general emergency alarm system fused switch and distribution panel must have a fixed nameplate on the outside of its cover that has a description of its function. The rating of fuses must also be shown on the outside of the cover of a fused switch.

(b) Each general alarm contact maker must be marked “GENERAL ALARM” in red letters on a corrosion-resistant plate or on a sign.

(c) A contact maker that operates only the general emergency alarm signal in crew quarters, machinery spaces, and work spaces must be marked “CREW ALARM” by the method described in paragraph (b) of this section.

(d) Each general emergency alarm signal must be marked “GENERAL ALARM—WHEN EMERGENCY ALARM SIGNAL RINGS GO TO YOUR STATION” in red letters at least 12 inch high.

(e) Each general emergency alarm system distribution panel must have a directory attached to the inside of its cover giving the designation of each circuit, the area supplied by each circuit, and the rating of each circuit fuse.

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