Title 45 Part 2556 → Subpart G → §2556.625

Title 45 → Subtitle B → Chapter XXV → Part 2556 → Subpart G → §2556.625

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Title 45 Part 2556 → Subpart G → §2556.625

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Title 45Subtitle BChapter XXVPart 2556Subpart G → §2556.625

Title 45: Public Welfare
Subpart G—VISTA Leaders

§2556.625   What are terms and conditions of service for a leader?

Though not exhaustive, terms and conditions of service as a leader include:

(a) A leader makes a full-time commitment to serve as a leader, without regard to regular working hours, for a minimum of one year.

(b) To the maximum extent practicable, a leader shall live among and at the economic level of the low-income community served by the project and actively seek opportunities to engage with that low-income community.

(c) A leader aids the communication of VISTA policies and administrative procedures to VISTAs.

(d) A leader assists with the leadership development of VISTAs.

(e) A leader is a resource in the development and delivery of training for VISTAs.

(f) A leader may assist the sponsor with recruitment and preparation for the arrival of VISTAs.

(g) A leader may advise a supervisor on potential problem areas and needs of VISTAs.

(h) A leader aids VISTAs in the development of effective working relationships and understanding of VISTA program concepts.

(i) A leader may aid the supervisor and sponsor in directing or focusing the VISTA project to best address the community's needs.

(j) A leader may serve as a collector of data for performance measures of the project and the VISTAs.

(k) A leader is prohibited from supervising VISTAs. A leader is also prohibited from handling or managing, on behalf of the project, personnel-related matters affecting VISTAs. Personnel-related matters affecting VISTAs must be managed and handled by the project and in coordination with the appropriate CNCS State Office.