Title 45 Part 2102 → Subpart B → §2102.13

Title 45 → Subtitle B → Chapter XXI → Part 2102 → Subpart B → §2102.13

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Title 45 Part 2102 → Subpart B → §2102.13

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Title 45Subtitle BChapter XXIPart 2102Subpart B → §2102.13

Title 45: Public Welfare
Subpart B—Procedures on Submissions of Plans or Designs

§2102.13   Project eligibility criteria for placement on a Consent Calendar.

With respect to submissions to the Commission for projects that meet the following criteria, the Secretary, at his/her discretion and in coordination with the Commission's staff, may place these projects on a Consent Calendar according to §2102.14.

(a) Additions to buildings of less than 25 percent (%) of the original structure and no more than 25,000 sq. ft.;

(b) New construction of less than 25,000 sq. ft.;

(c) Window replacement projects;

(d) Cellular or other communications antenna installations or replacements;

(e) New or replacement signs;

(f) Cleaning, routine maintenance, repairs or replacement-in-kind of exterior finish materials;

(g) Temporary utility or construction structures;

(h) And does not include new physical perimeter security items.

[70 FR 49194, Aug. 23, 2005]