Title 45 Part 1225 → Subpart B → §1225.10

Title 45 → Subtitle B → Chapter XII → Part 1225 → Subpart B → §1225.10

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Title 45 Part 1225 → Subpart B → §1225.10

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Title 45Subtitle BChapter XIIPart 1225Subpart B → §1225.10

Title 45: Public Welfare
Subpart B—Processing Individual Complaints of Discrimination

§1225.10   Corrective action.

When it has been determined by Final Agency Decision that the aggrieved party has been subjected to illegal discrimination, the following corrective actions may be taken:

(a) Selection as a Trainee for aggrieved parties found to have been denied selection based on prohibited discrimination.

(b) Reappointment to Volunteer service for aggrieved parties found to have been early-terminated as a result of prohibited discrimination. To the extent possible, a Volunteer will be placed in the same position previously held. However, reassignment to the specific country of prior service, or to the specific position previously held, is contingent on several programmatic considerations such as the continued availability of the position, or program in that country, and acceptance by the host country of such placement. If the same position is deemed to be no longer available, the aggrieved party will be offered a reassignment to a position in as similar circumstances to the position previously held, or to resign from service for reasons beyond his or her control. Such a reassignment may require both additional training and an additional two year commitment to volunteer service.

(c) Provision for reasonable attorney fees and other costs incurred by the aggrieved party.

(d) Such other relief as may be deemed appropriate by the Director of Peace Corps or ACTION.