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Title 45 → Subtitle B → Chapter VI → Part 675 → §675.2

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Title 45 Part 675 → §675.2

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Title 45Subtitle BChapter VIPart 675 → §675.2

Title 45: Public Welfare

§675.2   Medical examinations.

(a) Any individual seeking to travel to Antarctica under sponsorship of the United States Antarctic Program must undergo a medical and dental examination to determine whether the individual is physically qualified for deployment to Antarctica.

(b) The medical and dental examinations may be conducted by a qualified licensed physician or dentist of the candidate's choosing, or designated by the employing organization, following instructions provided by the USAP. The medical examinations shall include a medical history, physical examination and appropriate clinical tests which address major organ systems for medical conditions inconsistent with safe deployment to Antarctica.

(c) The candidate's physician/dentist will submit the required medical information on the appropriate USAP-provided forms to a USAP-designated physician who will determine whether the individual is qualified for deployment to Antarctica based upon Medical Clearance Criteria established by the USAP. All information requested on the forms shall be provided.

(d) Candidates who anticipate spending the austral winter in Antarctica (when evacuation may be impossible) are subject to additional evaluation, including a determination of psychological adaptability for such an isolated assignment. Psychological evaluations of “winter-over” candidates shall be performed by a qualified team of USAP-designated physicians/clinical psychologists.

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