Title 44 Part 401 → §401.2

Title 44 → Chapter IV → Part 401 → §401.2

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Title 44 Part 401 → §401.2

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Title 44Chapter IVPart 401 → §401.2

Title 44: Emergency Management and Assistance

§401.2   Application for adjustment or exceptions.

Any person affected by any provisions of this order may file an application for an adjustment or exception upon the ground that such provision works an exceptional hardship upon him, not suffered by others, or that its enforcement against him would not be in the interest of the national defense program. Such an application may be made by letter or telegram addressed to the Assistant Secretary for Domestic and International Business, Department of Commerce, Washington, DC, 20230, reference T-1. If authorization is requested, any such application should specify in detail the material to be shipped, the name and address of the shipper and of the recipient of the shipment, the ports or places from which and to which the shipment is being made and the use to which the material shipped will be put. The application should also specify in detail the facts which support the applicant's claim for an exception.