Title 43 Part 2920 → Subpart 2920 → §2920.2-2

Title 43 → Subtitle B → Chapter II → Subchapter B → Part 2920 → Subpart 2920 → §2920.2-2

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Title 43 Part 2920 → Subpart 2920 → §2920.2-2

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Title 43Subtitle BChapter IISubchapter BPart 2920Subpart 2920 → §2920.2-2

Title 43: Public Lands: Interior
Subpart 2920—Leases, Permits and Easements: General Provisions

§2920.2-2   Minimum impact permits.

(a) The authorized officer may, without publication of a notice of realty action, issue a permit for a land use upon a determination that the proposed use is in conformance with Bureau of Land Management plans, policies and programs, local zoning ordinances and any other requirements and will not cause appreciable damage or disturbance to the public lands, their resources or improvements.

(b) Permit decisions made under paragraph (a) of this section take effect immediately upon execution, and remain in effect during the period of time specified in the decision to issue the permit. Any person whose interest is adversely affected by a decision to grant or deny a permit under paragraph (a) of this section may appeal to the Board of Land Appeals under part 4 of this title. However, decisions and permits issued under paragraph (a) of this section will remain in effect until stayed.

[46 FR 5777, Jan. 19, 1981, as amended at 61 FR 32354, June 24, 1996]

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