Title 43 Part 2090 → Subpart 2091 → §2091.4-2

Title 43 → Subtitle B → Chapter II → Subchapter B → Part 2090 → Subpart 2091 → §2091.4-2

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Title 43 Part 2090 → Subpart 2091 → §2091.4-2

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Title 43Subtitle BChapter IISubchapter BPart 2090Subpart 2091 → §2091.4-2

Title 43: Public Lands: Interior
Subpart 2091—Segregation and Opening of Lands

§2091.4-2   Segregation and opening: Airport leases and grants.

(a) The issuance of a lease for airport purposes under the authority of the Act of May 24, 1928 or a patent or document of conveyance for airport and airway purposes under the authority of the Act of September 3, 1982, as amended (49 U.S.C. 2215), continues to segregate the lands. (See part 2640 and subpart 2911)

(b) If an airport lease is terminated, the lands are opened by publication in the Federal Register of an opening order which specifies the date and time of opening.

(c) The lands covered by an airport lease or grant remain open to the operation of the mineral leasing laws, the material disposal laws and the Geothermal Steam Act, but are segregated from the operation of the mining laws pending the issuance of such regulations as the Secretary may prescribe (See part 2640 and subpart 2911).