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Title 41 Part 109-26

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Title 41: Public Contracts and Property Management



Subpart 109-26.2—Federal Requisitioning System

§109-26.203   Activity address codes.

(a) DOE field organizations designated by the Office of Management are responsible for processing routine activity code related transactions for specified groupings of field organizations. Each field organization in a specified grouping will forward their activity address code related transactions to the grouping's lead organization for processing. Each lead organization shall designate a point of contact who will:

(1) Verify the need, purpose, and validity of each transaction; and

(2) Be the specified grouping's authorized point of contact for dealing directly with GSA.

(b) The Office of Management is responsible for:

(1) All policy matters related to the issuance and control of activity address codes within DOE; and

(2) Furnishing the identity of the lead field organization points of contact to GSA.

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Subpart 109-26.5—GSA Procurement Programs

§109-26.501   Purchase of new motor vehicles.

§109-26.501-1   General.

(a) GSA is a mandatory source, under FPMR 101-26.501, for purchase of new non-tactical vehicles.

(b) Under unique circumstances which meet the criteria set forth under FPMR, motor vehicles may be purchased directly rather than through GSA when a waiver has been granted by GSA. The waiver request should be submitted directly to GSA and a copy forwarded to the Office of Management. GSA will grant waivers on a case-by-case basis, in accordance with FPMR 101-26.501(b)(c).

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§109-26.501-4   Submission of orders.

An original and two copies of requisitions for passenger motor vehicles and law enforcement motor vehicles shall be forwarded with justification for purchase to the Office of Management, for approval and submission to GSA. Requisitions for all other types of motor vehicles shall be submitted directly to GSA.

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§109-26.501-50   Authority and allocations for the acquisition of passenger motor vehicles.

(a) Authority for the acquisition of passenger motor vehicles is contained in the Department's annual appropriation act.

(b) DOE offices shall include in their budget submissions the number of passenger motor vehicles to be purchased during the fiscal year. The procurements will be identified as either additions to the motor vehicle fleet or replacement vehicles. A copy of the motor vehicle portion of the submission should be submitted to the Office of Management.

(c) To ensure that DOE does not exceed the number of passenger motor vehicles authorized to be acquired in any fiscal year, the Office of Management or designee shall allocate to and inform the field organizations in writing of the number of passenger motor vehicles which may be acquired under each appropriation. These allocations and the statutory cost limitations imposed on these motor vehicles shall not be exceeded.

(d) The motor vehicle fleet manager shall provide written certification to the OPMO that disposition action has been taken on replaced passenger motor vehicles. Such certification shall be provided no later than 30 days after the disposition of the vehicle. Replaced passenger motor vehicles shall not be retained in service after receipt of the replacement vehicle.

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§109-26.501-51   Used vehicles.

Normally, DOE does not purchase or authorize contractors to purchase used motor vehicles. However, the Office of Management and Program Secretarial Officer (PSO) may authorize the purchase of used motor vehicles where justified by special circumstances, e.g., when new motor vehicles are in short supply; motor vehicles are to be used for experimental or test purposes; or motor vehicles are acquired from exchange/sale. The statutory passenger motor vehicle allocation requirements shall apply to any purchase of used passenger motor vehicles except in the case of motor vehicles to be used exclusively for experimental or test purposes.

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§109-26.501-52   Justification for purchase.

(a) Requisitions for additions to the passenger motor vehicle fleet must contain adequate written justification of need. Such justifications shall be prepared by the motor vehicle fleet manager and approved by the OPMO, and should include:

(1) A statement as to why the present fleet size is inadequate to support requirements;

(2) Efforts made to achieve maximum use of on-hand motor vehicles through pool arrangements, shuttle buses, and taxicabs;

(3) The programmatic requirement for the motor vehicles and the impact on the program/project if the requisitions are not filled;

(4) The established DOE or local utilization objectives used to evaluate the utilization of passenger motor vehicles and whether the objectives have been approved by the OPMO; and

(5) The date of the last utilization review and the number of passenger motor vehicles which did not meet the established utilization objectives and the anticipated mileage to be achieved by the new motor vehicles.

(b) Requisitions for replacement passenger motor vehicles should include a statement that utilization, pools, shuttle buses and taxicabs have been considered by the motor vehicle fleet manager and the OPMO. Specific information on the identification, age and mileage of the motor vehicles should be included. When a passenger motor vehicle being replaced does not meet Federal replacement standards, a description of the condition of the vehicle should also be provided.

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§109-26.501-53   Acquisitions by transfer.

(a) The acquisition of passenger motor vehicles by transfer from another Government agency or DOE organization shall be within the allocations prescribed in §109-26.501-50 of this subpart.

(b) Passenger motor vehicles may be acquired by transfer provided they are:

(1) Considered as an addition to the motor vehicle fleet of the receiving office;

(2) Acquired for replacement purposes and an equal number of replaced motor vehicles are reported for disposal within 30 days;

(3) For temporary emergency needs exceeding three months and approved in writing by the DPMO; or

(4) For temporary emergency needs of three months or less in lieu of commercial rentals. These transfers will not count toward the allocation.

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§109-26.501-54   Communications equipment.

Communications equipment considered to be essential for the accomplishment of security and safety responsibilities is exempt from the requirements of 41 CFR 101-26.501. The Fleet Manager shall approve the installation of communications equipment in motor vehicles.

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