Title 40 Part 1501 → §1501.1

Title 40 → Chapter V → Part 1501 → §1501.1

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Title 40 Part 1501 → §1501.1

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Title 40Chapter VPart 1501 → §1501.1

Title 40: Protection of Environment

§1501.1   Purpose.

The purposes of this part include:

(a) Integrating the NEPA process into early planning to insure appropriate consideration of NEPA's policies and to eliminate delay.

(b) Emphasizing cooperative consultation among agencies before the environmental impact statement is prepared rather than submission of adversary comments on a completed document.

(c) Providing for the swift and fair resolution of lead agency disputes.

(d) Identifying at an early stage the significant environmental issues deserving of study and deemphasizing insignificant issues, narrowing the scope of the environmental impact statement accordingly.

(e) Providing a mechanism for putting appropriate time limits on the environmental impact statement process.