Title 40 Part 1033 → Subpart I → §1033.820

Title 40 → Chapter I → Subchapter U → Part 1033 → Subpart I → §1033.820

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Title 40 Part 1033 → Subpart I → §1033.820

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Title 40Chapter ISubchapter UPart 1033Subpart I → §1033.820

Title 40: Protection of Environment
Subpart I—Requirements for Owners and Operators

§1033.820   In-use locomotives.

(a) We may require you to supply in-use locomotives to us for testing. We will specify a reasonable time and place at which you must supply the locomotives and a reasonable period during which we will keep them for testing. We will make reasonable allowances for you to schedule the supply of locomotives to minimize disruption of your operations. The number of locomotives that you must supply is limited as follows:

(1) We will not require a Class I railroad to supply more than five locomotives per railroad per calendar year.

(2) We will not require a non-Class I railroad (or other entity subject to the provisions of this subpart) to supply more than two locomotives per railroad per calendar year. We will request locomotives under this paragraph (a)(2) only for purposes that cannot be accomplished using locomotives supplied under paragraph (a)(1) of this section.

(b) You must make reasonable efforts to supply manufacturers/remanufacturers with the test locomotives needed to fulfill the in-use testing requirements in subpart E of this part.

(c) Failure to fully comply with this section is a violation of 40 CFR 1068.101(a)(2).

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