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Title 40 Part 1033 → Subpart G → §1033.625

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Title 40Chapter ISubchapter UPart 1033Subpart G → §1033.625

Title 40: Protection of Environment
Subpart G—Special Compliance Provisions

§1033.625   Special certification provisions for non-locomotive-specific engines.

You may certify freshly manufactured or remanufactured locomotives using non-locomotive-specific engines (as defined in §1033.901) using the normal certification procedures of this part. Locomotives certified in that way are generally treated the same as other locomotives, except where specified otherwise. The provisions of this section provide for design certification to the locomotive standards in this part for locomotives using engines included in engine families certified under 40 CFR part 1039 (or part 89) in limited circumstances.

(a) Remanufactured or freshly manufactured switch locomotives powered by non-locomotive-specific engines may be certified by design without the test data required by §1033.235 if all of the following are true:

(1) Before being installed in the locomotive, the engines were covered by a certificate of conformity issued under 40 CFR Part 1039 (or part 89) that is effective for the calendar year in which the manufacture or remanufacture occurs. You may use engines certified during the previous years if they were subject to the same standards. You may not make any modifications to the engines unless we approve them.

(2) The engines were certified to PM, NOX, and hydrocarbon standards that are numerically lower than the applicable locomotive standards of this part.

(3) More engines are reasonably projected to be sold and used under the certificate for non-locomotive use than for use in locomotives.

(4) The number of such locomotives certified under this section does not exceed 30 in any three-year period. We may waive this sales limit for locomotive models that have previously demonstrated compliance with the locomotive standards of §1033.101 in-use.

(5) We approved the application as specified in paragraph (d) of this section.

(b) To certify your locomotives by design under this section, submit your application as specified in §1033.205, with the following exceptions:

(1) Include the following instead of the locomotive test data otherwise required by §1033.205:

(i) A description of the engines to be used, including the name of the engine manufacturer and engine family identifier for the engines.

(ii) A brief engineering analysis describing how the engine's emission controls will function when installed in the locomotive throughout the locomotive's useful life.

(iii) The emission data submitted under 40 CFR part 1039 (or part 89).

(2) You may separately submit some of the information required by §1033.205, consistent with the provisions of §1033.1(d). For example, this may be an appropriate way to submit detailed information about proprietary engine software. Note that this allowance to separately submit some of the information required by §1033.205 is also available for applications not submitted under this section.

(c) Locomotives certified under this section are subject to all the requirements of this part except as specified in paragraph (b) of this section. The engines used in such locomotives are not considered to be included in the otherwise applicable engines family of 40 CFR part 1039 (or part 89).

(d) We will approve or deny the application as specified in subpart C of this part. For example, we will deny your application for certification by design under this section in any case where we have evidence that your locomotives will not conform to the requirements of this part throughout their useful lives.

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